In October 2021, I launched by Activewear line that started by me finally realizing that my health goals are important and life changing.  Once my health goals became life changing for me then it was literally a MOVEMENT!!! A movement because my commitment to my health goal has progressed and morphed into something bigger. Gaining control of my weight and health has been consistent all my adult life. In so many different ways that it has elevated into a higher calling. A therapist recommended to me in 2015 that to deal with my insecurities with my weight by combatting it in a public way.

I laughed and said "Hold myself publicly accountable! What??" I thought my modeling was public enough but God allowed me to go through a journey. He showed me something greater to do with the wide platform of followers and people who I inspire to. God said "Be beautiful, bold and fearless and I'll 'order your steps." We all have a part of us that aspire to be better, greater in some area of our lives. I believer in self affirmations and self encouragement. So through tough times when I look in the mirror for inspiration, "come on Angie, Go Angie, Go Girl." Just to get up to motivate me to get my butt to the gym. It takes that sometimes! lol

Anyone who knows me know a good excuse to SLAY will get me out of bed..I wanted that same energy to workout. I was pressed to do more, and offer my fellow Curvy beauties Cute, Curve fitting and breathable options to wear to the gym .or to the gym and then the coffee shop 🥰 So began the birth of my activewear line ! My clothing line is inspired by my fitness goals and looking good while working out! Looking great and feeling great starts with the inner but ultimately ends with the outer. . My line is specifically for US! Made with the style, beauty and support to allow you comfort while getting your Grind on!  You will feel confident, Inspired, motivated and committed when you wear your custom outfits.  

In February 2023, I decided to rebrand and add on Women's Fashion. The Birth of Bellec'estgeaux "- which is French for Beauty it's Geaux. We are proud to say we are  the 1 stop shop for Activewear and Women's Fashion. This is MY Brand, but OUR Movement!

-Annjee Davis- CEO and Founder

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